Terms of Service

1) This document comprises an agreement between yourselves and the photographer upon payment of your non refundable final product. Your acceptance of these terms and conditions occurs upon your signing of the Agreement. Please retain a copy for your records.

2) These Terms and Conditions may be varied at any time, with or without notice to you, at our sole discretion. You accept that these must be read in conjunction with the current Terms and Conditions available on http://lcrx.ca

3) Package & Product Prices are subject to change.  All prices include local taxes

4) Your order of any package of photography services here-under includes the purchase of the final edited photographic images in connection with the photography services provided to you in the form of high or low resolution JPEG files.  RAW files are never released under any circumstances.  The images will be color corrected and will reflect the best artistic rendition of the original file. Additional fees will be charged if you require further modifications of the image.

5) All images are provided to you with a ‘personal use, royalty free, perpetual licence’. You are free to print your photos and make copies of your images. We only require that you acknowledge Daniel Lacroix Sports Photography as the photographer and request a credit and website link when using images in social media

6) It is a breach of Copyright to give any and all images to others.  You must refer everyone, bar yourselves back to us for express permission to use images.

7) The photographer owns and retains full Copyright of any and all images taken. Permission is granted by you to use the images as we see fit for all media, marketing and promotion.

8) We cannot be held responsible for any damages, extended delivery time or loss to products sent via postal services. We will pursue the courier service and lodge a formal investigation if your package has not arrived within the online tracking time frame. We will ensure all avenues and effort is made to the best of our ability to find and deliver your products, however no refund or compensation will be made. It is our sole discretion whether to provide a replacement product.